Smokeys Tavern: the Vernon NJ Restaurant renown for its food, drinks, entertainment, hospitality, and Take-Out-Tuesday specials!

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Specials: Week of Oct 21

Crab Cakes on Specials Menu


The specials menu for the coming weekend (Oct 22-25) includes Smokey’s Crab Cakes, one of the […]

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Specials this week

Blue Point Long Island Oysters
Six (6) freshly shucked oysters served over shaved ice with cocktail sauce and lemon
Shrimp Cocktail
Five (5) […]

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Modern Martini Magic at Smokey’s Bar

Smokey’s innovative, colorful and always tasty martinis’ are a far cry – a distant howl perhaps – from the extremely […]

Post Your Halloween Pic

When you post your Halloween pic on Smokey’s Instagram page, you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a $25 gift certificate for Smokey’s Tavern!

Entertainment at Smokey’s

The Celtic Tenors

Celtic Tenor, Matthew Gilsenan, was born into a hard-working farming family in North Meath. Steeped in the local musical traditions and raised by parents who shared a great love for music, from the great composers to obscure Irish folk, Matthew along with all his siblings was born to sing.

His classical training started in the Sisters of Mercy convent in Kells, Co.Meath, aged 10, and progressed to some of the great Irish and Scottish teachers. Although he ventured into opera and classical singing, Matthew never lost his love for the music of his youth, in particular the vibrant contemporary Irish music which is his great source of inspiration.

The Celtic Tenors occasionally are able to perform at Smokey’s Tavern because Matthew’s Aunt, Rosita Gilsenan, lives in the Vernon area!

News About Smokey’s

The Panini Bakery and Café section of the establishment offers an awesome variety of sandwiches, paninis and salads.

Smokey’s Tavern: Greenest in North America

The Someplace Special Square is home to combination eateries: The Panini Bakery and Café and Smokey’s Tavern. Both establishments have been owned by Bruce Zaretsky since 2010 and both have been totally run on solar power since 2012.

Zaretsky, a former builder, has always been interested in solar energy. In 1982, he built a house powered by solar energy but it was never completely finished.In 2012, Zaretsky contracted Boz Electric/Electrical Power Solutions, a Vernon company, to switch his booming business over to solar power. As of October 2012 about 80 percent of Smokey’s Tavern and Panini Bakery and Café’s electric, lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning rely on power transmitted from the sun and solar panels located behind the restaurants.  Read More>>